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Calvary Health Care Bethlehem

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Motor Neuron Disease,Other,


Paul Talman


The BGRF has funded this project, to increase the research output form Bethlehem Hospital and build research capacity, for a number of years.

In 2009, 2 papers were published and a third is under review while a fourth paper is in the analysis phase.

Our collaborations have increased with active projects including,
Peer Support Programme RMH, Dr L Ng,

Respiratory Exercise in MND, University of NSW Prof M Kiernan,

Australian Motor Neuron Disease Registry, Registration and clinical data collection, A/Prof Paul Talman,

Blood collection for mndRTBv Study on serum matrix metalloproteinase-9 in MND patients, Dr Qiao Zin Li Uni Melb.

Ethics Proposal for CSF analysis to identify a biomarker for MND will be submitted in mid 2010.


ANZAN Conference 2010 Melbourne “Australian Motor Neuron Disease Registry 5 year follow-up”, Requested Platform presentation A/Prof Paul Talman.
Natural history and clinical features of the flail arm and flail leg ALS variants: Neurology, 2009;72:1087–1094. L.C. Wijesekera, MRCP, S. Mathers, FRACP, P. Talman, PhD, FRACP, C. Galtrey, PhD, MRCP, M.H. Parkinson, MRCP, J. Ganesalingam, MRCP, E. Willey, BA, M.A. Ampong, C.M. Ellis, PhD, FRCP, C.E. Shaw, MD, FRCP, A. Al-Chalabi, PhD, FRCP*. P.N. Leigh, FMedSci, FAAN*

Clinical phenotypes and natural progression for motor neuron disease: Analysis from an Australian database, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,10:2,79 — 84. Talman, Paul, Forbes, Andrew and Mathers, Susan(2009).

Establishment of an Australian motor neurone disease registry. MJA 2006; 184 (7): 367-368
Matthew C Kiernan, Paul Talman, Robert D Henderson and Rodney Harris, on behalf of the AMNDR Steering Committee.


The research activities being conducted at Calvary Health Care Bethlehem include a broad range of activity based around the Australian Motor Neuron Disease Registry. Projects relating to the models of care and service delivery are informing the Department of Health (Vic) relating to the clinic structures required to manage patients according to best practice.

The clinical data captured in the Calvary Health Care Bethlehem MND clinics is providing a valuable resource in further basic scientific collaborative research. The linking of the mndRTBv (tissue bank) to the clinical data is adding value to the types of analysis that can be performed trying to discover the cause and effective treatments for Motor Neuron Disease.

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