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How Alzheimers antibodies recognise Abeta peptides


St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research

Year Of Grant:



Alzheimers Disease,


Prof Michael Parker


The initial aim was to establish a mammalian cell culture facility to produce recombinantly expressed antibodies and fragment antibodies of clinical significance to Alzheimer's disease immunotherapy development.


"Structure reveals that Bapineuzumab captures the N-terminus of the amyloid beta peptide in a helical conformation."
Luke A Miles, Gabriela A N Crespi and Michael W Parker, Sci. Reports

"Crystallisation an d preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of a Fab:Anyloid-Beta complex towards understanding the action of Alzheimer's disease immunotherapy Bapineuzumab"
Gabriela A N Crespi, David B Ascher, Michael W Parker and Luke A Miles. Under revision

"Crystal structure of an Alzheimer's disease passive immunotherapy candidate reveals why it recongises a C-terminal epitope of AB40 but not AB 42"
Luke A Miles, Gabriela A N Crespi, Tracy L nero, David B Ascher, Chen Gao and Michael W Parker. (to be submitted early 2013)



All of the aims have been achieved, further funding has been secured from NHVRC and publication have been submitted describing the work. Funding from the BGRF has enabled the establishment of a state of the art mammalian cell culture facility, at St Vincent's Institute. This facility has been devoted to AD immunotherapies. In future the facility and expertise gained will also assist in understanding other diseases and infection.

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