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A central role for ER-Golgi trafficking in MND


Latrobe University

Year Of Grant:



Motor Neuron Disease,


Julie Atkin


Clarification of interaction of proteins recently linked to MND, notably TDP-43 and FUS also trigger failure of ER-Golgi trafficking to facilitate the pathogenesis involved in the initiation of MND.


Many publications have resulted. Six were published by March 2013 and a further six were either in submission or close. Please contact Dr Atkin for detailed information. A couple of examples follow:
"Bim links ER stress and apoptosis in cells expressing mutant SODI associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis". PLosOne Vol 7(4): 35413 (2012)
Soo KY, Atkin JD, Farg MA, Walker AK, Horne MK, Nagley P.


BGRF funding has helped to identify a new disease mechanism which is common between several diverse types of MND. The team is now defining this mechanism in more detail to lay the foundations of new therapies for patients, who currently face a bleak future.

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